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Growth Doesn’t Just Happen

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Personal growth is not a natural process in most people’s lives due to their mindset. People assume that they will grow automatically, or don’t know how to grow. They think it’s not the right time to begin, and are afraid of making mistakes. They think they have to find the best way before they start. Sometimes they just don’t feel like doing it. They think that others are better than they are, or thought the process would be easier than this. Not all will apply to you, but some will. The important thing is that you identify the ones that do, and start intentionally working on those areas.

Here’s the difference you will see!

Accidental growth happens to people who plan to start tomorrow, wait for growth to come, learn only from mistakes, depend on good luck, quit early and often, fall into bad habits, talk big, play it safe, think like a victim, rely on talent, and stop learning after graduation.

Intentional growth happens to people who insist on starting now, take responsibility to grow, learn before mistakes, rely on hard work, persevere long and hard, fight for good habits, follow through, take risks, think like a learner, rely on character, and never stop learning.

The good news is there are things you can do to change your mindset and your life. Start by asking the big question now. Start by doing it now. Start by facing the fear factor.Growing is not a goal; it is a life-long process that must start with being intentional about growth.

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