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Perseverance, Image Matters, Character Counts and Stand Up

In the world we are in today, there are so many things that people often overlook which matter. Many focus only on hard work and expect their business to succeed. But the little things like perseverance, image, and character make a lot of difference.

Perseverance plays a significant role in achieving success. Nothing good comes easy. You have to stay focused, overcome each challenge and take the opportunity when it finally arrives. You also have to learn to stand up for yourself because if you don’t bullies will continue to have their way with you.

Your character is very important as well. Many businesses have lost customers simply because people don’t like the personality of the owners or employees or they don’t see them as friendly. Some others have lost their identity while chasing success. The image of you that people see is just as important as who you truly are, so you have to make a conscious effort to ensure that you are not portraying an image that can hurt your business.

PICS is a unique course that focuses on many important principles and core values that entrepreneurs should understand and express like strengths and weaknesses, empathy, self-discipline, etc.

PICS leverages a variety of lessons:Training to deal with tough situationsResponding to others’ actions, behaviors while considering your core valuesSetting priorities and developing the right kind of relationships in businessStaying determined to fight the success-repellantsLearning from mistakes to lift the game after failuresDealing with problems and responding to bad experiencesThe 4 secrets to sustainable successPractical steps to stand out in today’s sea of sameness and make an impact on the world

You don’t have to learn from your terrible experiences.

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