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Foundations of Personal & Business Finance

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Money is one of the most important tools one can ever have. It can get you anything you want or need that has a price. But if you don’t know how to manage it, the little or much that you have will never be enough.

Some people happen to do well in managing their personal finances. They try to ensure that every dime is spent judiciously and accounted for. But personal finances differ from that of business. It is a different ball game entirely where if the right decisions are not made, you will gradually go bankrupt and out of business.

No one should wait for a financial crisis to occur before they start to learn and implement the best strategies for themselves and their businesses. A good understanding of financial strategies can make a business work despite a crisis. You just have to see it coming.

“When properly prepared, a crisis becomes merely an annoyance.” – P. David Hall, Founder, Entrepreneur University

The primary goal of this course is to save you from heading towards or falling into financial crisis before it is too late. It offers you the necessary knowledge that is important to understand your finances (both personal and business) and how they work.

Would you risk your business with poor financial management?

This course covers:

  • The management of personal and business finances
  • Understanding budgets, reports, and statements
  • Development of life-changing money habits
  • Debts, taxes and financial security
  • Investments and insurance as a risk management tool
  • Planning retirement

The way you treat money is the way money will treat you. Because we all have to deal with money one way or the other, “Foundations of Personal & Business Finance” is a course that benefits every individual. So start to master your finances from today, and be free of money crisis forever. Save money. Enroll NOW!!!

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