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Foundations Of Leadership And Influence

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Leadership is all about influence. It is not about using your position or formal hierarchy to compel people to do what you want. It is about getting others to see what you see and giving them a sense of purpose to bring it to reality. As an entrepreneur with a vision of the future, you have to model your employees’ ways of thinking or acting so they can share your vision, work towards it, and feel a profound sense of accomplishment when they achieve it.

Whether it’s your first step towards business or you are moving into a bigger role, you must master the basics of leadership to build an entrepreneurial empire.

“Foundations Of Leadership And Influence” aims to teach you how to understand and connect with people, nurture them, and empower them to bring a possibility to reality. It also covers the necessary laws of leadership and influence – the understanding of which certifies your ability to relate to people, make them better, and, ultimately, get them to create the future you see. This course teaches the following including:

  • The significance of influence in leadership
  • Understanding people and their differences
  • Influencing people to share your vision
  • The process of empowering people to better
  • The laws of influence and their application
  • The laws of leadership and their application

When it comes to showing you the path, David Hall is a businessman, leader, and coach who has worked with both the new and the very best of companies. He has worked with all kinds of people, learned the secrets of success; and he is ready to let you into these secrets. His philosophy is “You can have everything you want in life if you just help enough other people get what they want.”

If you want your employees to adopt the values, culture, mission, and vision you have set in a sincere, lasting way, this is where you will learn how to do so.

Those starting as a business professional, expanding their duties or stepping up towards a higher role will benefit from this course.

Enroll now to grow in understanding people, connecting with them, influencing your audience, and to grow your business.

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