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Explode Your Profits – Stock Trading

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Achieve the Results Brokers Don’t Want You to Know are Possible!

Have you always wanted to learn how to invest in the market but didn’t know where to start?

You most likely know how financially rewarding stock trading is by now. Millions of dollars are made every day in the stock market. But yet statistics show that 75% of people end up losing money in the market over time, 20% end up breaking even or just keeping up with inflation and only 5% end up making money over time. So who are the 5% that are making money and how are they doing it?

David Hall is an avid investor who has made and lost lots of money in the stock market. As a boy who grew up in poverty, he always dreamed of a better life, and so he easily got hooked to stock trading from Junior High School. Years on after reading many books, getting a Masters degree in stock analysis, and following every news and trend, David realized that all of it was useless for making better than average profits.

Today, David owns 10 companies (all funded from his stock trading), a real estate investment portfolio and a stock portfolio. He has built wealth and he continues to build it. Losing money over the years has helped him hone his system and make the complicated very simple. Unlike many gurus who teach based on theory, David has spent years in the trenches making money with the system. Now, he is offering the knowledge gained from his life experiences in form of this course,

Experts say if you want to cross a minefield, it’s always great to follow an expert who has already crossed it safely! “Explode Your Profits- Stock Trading” by David Hall will provide you with the necessary information starting from the basics to the key points of successful trading. Each video in the curriculum will lead you through all the proven steps you need to follow to excel at trading. You will learn:

  • Start wisely as a beginner
  • Understand the basics of trading
  • David’s Step-By-Step system for generating profits
  • Think differently to prevent losses
  • Increase your profits
  • Build and sustain wealth
  • And much more…

Many people JUST LIKE YOU are learning the keys to successful stock investing and avoiding the pitfalls through our video training program.

The Explosive Stock Profits training may be right for you if:

  • You are willing to put in the time to learn the simple keys to stock investing.
  • You want to take control of your financial future.

This is NOT Day Trading

Although we have the greatest respect for people that can sit all day long and watch the market, we don’t have time for that. David developed his system to work regardless of market conditions and in a way that doesn’t take all of his time. He owns multiple companies and other investment portfolios and this has allowed him to manage his stock investment portfolio in 5-10 minutes a day and roughly 1 hour per quarter.

We are so confident in the Explosive Stock Profits training program,
we are offering a 3-part video series absolutely FREE without further obligation.

No credit card is required to access this valuable information. Simply scroll to the bottom of this page to start watching and get started on your way to financial freedom!

Enroll today and enjoy bonuses worth thousands of dollars. If you don’t decide to take control of your future, no one else will!

You get lifetime access to this initial program. Any updates I make or additions in the future belong to you at no extra charge!

When you enroll today, you’ll get the following bonuses:

Bonus 1 – Risk Tolerance Questionnaire ($100 Value)

You’ll get a risk tolerance questionnaire to help you determine how risky you can be and how much of your money you should consider investing.

Bonus 2 – Stock Search Tracker ($150 Value)

The stock search tracker is a downloadable form that I use to keep track of my watch list and why the stocks are on my list, This makes it significantly easier to track your buy and sell signals and ensure that you have the right stocks in your list.

Bonus 3 – Investment Tracking Record ($150 Value)

The investment tracking record is the very best way to keep track of what you buy, why you buy it and what happens. It is also the best way to keep track of all your signals and keep from making amateur mistakes.

Bonus 4 – Intro to Options ($1,000 Value)

One word: Leverage. That’s why you want to learn to use stock options. Stock options give you the ability to make more money using less of your own money that purchasing just stocks. This intro will give you the basics of how options work to help you along the path to leverage.

Bonus 5 – Making Monthly Income With Options ($1,450 Value)

Do you want to learn how to not only make money on your stocks, but significantly increase your profits with options while also creating a monthly income to pay your bills with? This will help you learn the process that professional investors and institutions use to make income safely and consistently.

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