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Entrepreneurial Challenges

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Top Challenges That Entrepreneurs Face and How to Overcome Them

80 percent of businesses will make it through their first-year. However, the rate begins to drop off drastically each year after that. Only two-thirds of all businesses are able to survive their second year. Only half survive 5 years. Seven out of 10 businesses will fail within the 10-year mark.

The burning question is…why? What causes it?

Being an entrepreneur is full of challenges. More businesses fail because of the things they don’t see coming than the things they do see. Blindsided.

How do you overcome challenges that weren’t even on your radar? That’s what this course is all about.

In this course, we study all of the biggest challenges you’ll have as an entrepreneur and how to overcome them.

We’ll cover:

  • Dealing with Fear
  • Business-Life Balance
  • Leadership Failure
  • Pivoting
  • Systems Deficiencies
  • and more…

Entrepreneurial Challenges will give you everything you need to keep you from getting blindsided by the biggest causes of business failure so you can beat the statistics and keep your business for years to come.

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