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Developing Teams

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How to Scale Your Business With People

Team… We have heard it as Together Everyone Achieves More

It goes beyond that, however. No person in history has ever been successful on his or her own. No one. In order to achieve anything of greatness, a team is required. Even if you are a one person business, you have vendors, mentors and customers that make up your team.

“There are no problems we cannot solve together, and very few that we can solve by ourselves.” – President Lyndon Johnson

In Developing Teams, we get to the core of what you need to do to drive the growth of your team. In this course, we will discuss:

  • Goals versus Roles
  • Where to put people for the most value
  • Why we struggle to develop great teams
  • Scaling teams
  • Weak links and what to do about them
  • Distinguishing between players and pretenders
  • How attitudes affect teams
  • Developing countability
  • Team communication
  • The 4 stages of morale
  • and much more…

As our founder, David Hall, often says, “There are only two real problems in business: leadership and systems. Everything else is a factor of one of those.” Developing teams requires both. Enroll now to get your team on the track to greatness.

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