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Business Planning

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Getting your business on the right path to success

“He who fails to plan is planning to fail.”– Winston Churchill

An effective business plan is a GPS for your business.

Are you looking to expand your business, be more competitive in your industry or achieve business goals? That’s where plans come in.

A business plan is meant to help you:

  • focus strategy
  • manage business milestones
  • manage metrics
  • assign and track responsibilities and performance
  • manage money

This course is designed to help you write both an effective business plan as well as an effective marketing plan.

Whether you’re just getting started in business or are a seasoned veteran, having the right kind of plan in place is imperative.

Why do you need a plan?

  1. To prove that you’re serious about your business.
  2. To establish strategy and allocate resources.
  3. To establish business milestones.
  4. To better understand your competition.
  5. To better understand your customer.
  6. To effectively establish new product or service lines.
  7. To enunciate previously unstated assumptions.
  8. To assess the feasibility of your venture.
  9. To document your revenue model.
  10. To determine your financial needs.
  11. To attract investors.
  12. To reduce the risk of pursuing the wrong opportunity.
  13. To force you to research and really know your market.
  14. To attract employees and a management team.
  15. To plot your course and focus your efforts.
  16. To attract partners.
  17. To position your brand.
  18. To judge the success of your business.
  19. To reposition your business to deal with changing conditions.
  20. To document your marketing plan.
  21. To understand and forecast your company’s staffing needs.
  22. To uncover new opportunities.
  23. To sell your business.

These are just some of the reasons you need to enroll now.

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