​Inspirational Associations

Inspirational Associations

Inspirational Associations “If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader.” – John Quincy Adams Leaders recognize the importance of keeping company with those people who choose to achieve higher heights, the excel in what they do, to show integrity daily and to serve others. Your […]

You Might Fear Success and Not Know It

You Might Fear Success and Not Know It

Achievemephobia – The Fear of Success I know, I know… This sounds crazy. Why would someone fear success? Doesn’t everyone want to be successful? Theoretically, yes. In all the years I have been teaching, coaching, training, and speaking to people, I have never had anyone tell me that they want to be a complete failure […]

The Most Dangerous Form of Deception

The Most Dangerous Form of Deception: Self-Deception

When we are deceived by another, we are deceived against our will. Since we expect our foe to take advantage of us, we are watchful and quick to suspect trickery. With the self-deceived, it is quite different. We are our own enemy and are working a fraud upon ourselves. We want to believe the lie […]

​5 Mindsets of Winning

5 Mindsets of Winning

There are 5 mindsets necessary for winners: 1. Losing is Unacceptable Do you accept defeat? Do you feel that it’s ok to lose? Leaders understand that winning is crucial. Losing affects teams. Morale decreases. Productivity decreases. Profitability decreases. There are some things in life that you can’t control. Even though losing is a part of […]

​Are You Tuned In?

Are you tuned in?

To be more mindful means to be more aware – more tuned into – and accepting of your thoughts, feelings, and actions in the present moment. But too often, mostly out of habit, we simply go through life doing things mechanically, or mindlessly. Have you ever driven by your exit on the freeway, or eaten […]

​The Monkey-Chatter In Your Head

​The Monkey-Chatter In Your Head

One of the best ways to become savvy to the negative inner voices in your head is to practice mindfulness. To be more mindful means to be more aware of your thoughts, feelings and actions in the present moment. The problem with not being mindful of our thoughts is that we treat our thoughts as […]

Freelancing Work: Flop or Feat, It’s Up to You

Freelancing Work: Flop or Feat, It’s Up to You

A gig is defined as a temporary job with an uncertain future. But getting started in the gig economy means that you are in control of your own future. Keep reading for more information on why a career as a freelancer is a viable option in today’s tech-driven economy. Born for business If you don’t mind taking […]