Have you ever asked, “what is best for me, how can I meet my goals?” “Should I go to college, or how can I benefit from owning my own business. Which is best for my needs, entrepreneurial education or college?

These are good questions to ask yourself. The typical answer by colleges today is that, you cannot get ahead unless you go to college. We’ve all probably heard it. . . “Go to school, get a college degree, get a good job, work 30 years and then we can retire.”

This is simply not true, for those people that want to be in control of their future, or those wanting to start their own business. As an entrepreneur, you control what, when, how, and how far you will go to become successful. With student loans at an astronomical level and job instability for a great number of graduates today, it only makes sense to choose what is best in meeting their financial as well as life goals. This means becoming an entrepreneur is the ticket to success.

The global economic future is changing rapidly. To be successful as an entrepreneur, you must know what is happening in the world of business and what to expect. Entrepreneurial education gives you the knowledge and tools you need to understand the world of business. It teaches you survival techniques that you will not learn in college.

A Brief View of Business Today:

  • 2013 survey by Hiscox, demonstrated that 66% of small business owners believed the education systems do not prepare them for success in business.
  • Two of the most important aspects for success in business is following dreams and personal ideas which is not included in traditional education.
  • According to the Small Business Administration Council businesses with less than 20 workers made up 89.6 percent of businesses.
  • Small businesses are the life blood of the economy.
  • The bulk of job creations (60%) comes from small businesses, as defined by the SBA.
  • Small firms with 20 – 499 employees continues to lead the way in new job creations.

Sure, you can take business, accounting, and even speech classes in college. It will give you the basics but what it doesn’t do is prepare you for the real world. Life is hard and competition is the name of the game. Many people think that once they are holding that degree they are automatically on their way. The question you need to ask yourself is, how many extra classes do you have to take before you get through those “core” classes? Once you do have the core classes, do you know what technologies and strategies are available for you to be successful?

An entrepreneurial education offers you the tools you need to be successful in your business, and helps cut out all of that student loan debt, time loss spending not necessary to your business endeavors. It allows you to know how to achieve your goals of having your own business specific to your dreams and needs.

Entrepreneur University instructs you on the core subjects to help grow your business, leadership and financial skills without all the clutter of classes that don’t benefit you or your future.

There are a couple of other methods to learning what it takes to be on top but they are rare and in most cases incomplete. Take a look at Entrepreneur University and you will find there is nothing else like it!

“The best entrepreneurs always have been and always will be problem solvers.” – Richard Branson