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Entrepreneur University is focused on changing the world through building profitable businesses.

More than 95% of businesses in the United States are classified as small businesses. This is the foundation of our economy and the true driver of growth and prosperity.

We believe that with direction and education in leadership, business and finances, you can achieve higher heights than ever thought possible.

Traditional universities focus on core courses that have nothing to do with your major as an easy way to boost their revenue. Students are graduating without any practical experience in their field and the ability to command higher wages with a college degree has diminished significantly.

At Entrepreneur University, we have found that though a university education is necessary for some fields of study, a large number of students today are wasting precious time and money when they could be building a future that they control.


Our philosophy: Build a future that YOU control.

With the growing number of large-company layoffs, downsizing and mergers, the only security you can have today is the security that you make for yourself.

We empower you to achieve growth, security and success while also building a legacy for future generations through our comprehensive program that helps you build every facet of a business.


Businesses fail at an alarming rate. You may be excellent at creating your products or providing your services, but business is much more than that.

Successful businesses happen on purpose, not by accident. Successful businesses have teams and systems in place to cover all the bases.

Running a business is much more than providing products and services. It includes, financial systems, marketing systems, delivery systems, operating systems, growth systems, development systems and much more.

This can be overwhelming for the average person today, but, at Entrepreneur University, we have broken it down into all of the parts and walk our students step-by-step through everything they need to know and build to own and run a successful and profitable business.

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The President and Founder

David Hall is President and Founder of Entrepreneur University. David is also founder and President of Trustway Leadership Development Academy, DSH Investments LLC, Explosive Stock Profits, Debt Avalanche, Prosperity University, Trustway Tax and Accounting Service, Trustway Insurance and Trustway Money Coaching.

With over 23 years experience as a business owner, business consultant as well as business leadership and development expert, David has over 29,000 hours of coaching and development experience. David is a certified John Maxwell Leadership Coach, Mentor and JMT Founding Partner. As well he has worked with some of the top leaders in the world from Tony Robbins to Zig Ziglar.

Having come from extreme poverty, surviving death twice and fought against all odds, David has learned that success in life is about persistence, growth and serving others. David’s core philosophy is “You can have everything in life you want if you just help enough other people get what they want.”

David’s fierce determination and no sugar-coating attitude has led his clients to break through barriers and achieve new levels of success. He has worked with over 500 start-ups and small businesses at the ground level as well as large corporations and Fortune 100 companies. His client list spans companies such as Coca-Cola, Microsoft, United States Marine Corps, New York Life, Southwest Airlines and more. In 2007, David won the Golden Eagle Leadership Award.

David has created over 70 coaching and development programs, books and systems and is continually learning, creating and growing to provide his students and clients the best possible methods of personal and professional growth.

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As an entrepreneur, continual growth is not optional. It is required to continue to grow your business.

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People want to be able to see expertise. Certificates and degrees help you show them that you are the right choice.

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Without additional training, employees can not go far. Begin growing your organization starting with them.